11-Year-Old Carjacks Doordash Driver

(NationalUSNews.com) — An incident involving an 11-year-old and a young adult carjacking a DoorDash driver has caused quite a stir in Virginia. Deon Smith, a 40-year-old delivery driver, was making a late-night delivery in South Richmond on November 30 when she encountered the two individuals.

“When I went inside, I saw two kids standing around outside. The smaller one approached me. I was thinking he was asking for money or something, but little did I know he was pointing a gun at me asking for my keys,” Smith recounted.

Smith, who also works as a nurse, tried to defuse the situation with the young child. “When he told me that he was going to shoot me, I was like, ‘Are you serious? You want to kill somebody at your age,'” she expressed. She was also curious about the circumstances, asking the child about their parents and why they were out so late.

She left her car running while she made the delivery. As she engaged with the 11-year-old, the older suspect slipped into the driver’s seat and signaled for the child to join. The two then drove away.

DoorDash responded, emphasizing their commitment to supporting their drivers’ safety. The company assured that they have a dedicated Trust & Safety team available 24/7 to assist in emergencies.

The carjackers later crashed Smith’s car in Henrico County, resulting in significant damage to the vehicle. The suspects, an 18-year-old and the 11-year-old, sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were taken into custody. They face robbery charges.

Smith, relieved to have survived the traumatic incident, urged for protection and safety above all. “Just pray and ask God to protect at all costs, just to keep life, because a car can be replaced, but you cannot be,” she said.

The loss of her vehicle caused financial challenges for Smith and her family. To aid her, a GoFundMe campaign exceeded its initial goal of $20,000 with the help of generous donors.

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