2 Injured, 1 Suspect Dead Following Megachurch Shooting

(NationalUSNews.com) — A woman recently committed a shooting at controversial megachurch pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood church in Houston, Texas, resulting in one death and two injuries. According to Troy Finner, Houston’s police chief, two off-duty policemen shot the woman moments after she entered the church with a long rifle and a backpack. Authorities claim the woman who attacked the church had a five-year-old boy alongside her, who sustained injuries during the shooting.

Details surrounding the shooting remain scarce, as police have only confirmed the child is in critical condition and a 57-year-old man sustained minor injuries following the megachurch shooting. After the woman entered the megachurch, a shootout with the two off-duty officers began. Bullets hit both victims during the shootout, so authorities aren’t sure if the woman or the officers caused the shooting victims’ injuries. Police haven’t released any details about the woman’s identity and have yet to uncover any motive for the church shooting.

Chief Finner discussed the injuries during a press release about the shooting, claiming he doesn’t blame the officers for the injuries and wouldn’t even if they accidentally shot the victims. According to Finner, the woman carried a long rifle into the church and could’ve killed a large number of people without the officers’ intervention. Finner also claimed the woman brought the young boy with her, making her responsible for his life-threatening injuries.

While police aren’t releasing the suspect’s name, they did confirm she was likely in her early 30s and that she claimed to have a bomb during the shootout. The woman also reportedly sprayed an unknown substance in the church during the shooting. Following the attack, police searched the woman’s car but didn’t find any evidence of explosives or information about the attack’s motivation. The woman attacked the church while congregants attempted to enter its 2 p.m. service, but despite the large number of attendants, the shooting resulted in just two injuries and the death of the shooter.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott addressed the shooting and said that the incident saddens state officials. During his statement, Abbott called churches “sacred” and expressed his sadness about the attack. Joel Osteen also discussed the attack and said his church was “devastated” by the shooting. Osteen also requested that churchgoers pray for the victims and the shooter. Osteen then confirmed that the church would progress as usual and that services would resume soon.

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