21-Year-Old Guardsman Arrested in Pentagon Documents Leak

(NationalUSNews.com) – An arrest has been made in the most recent case of leaked documents from the Pentagon. Over 50 highly classified files were apparently removed, photographed and posted online, revealing United States communications secrets and intelligence operations. Friends and adversaries around the world are mentioned in the documents, including Ukraine, South Korea, Russia and Israel. The leak jeopardizes the safety of American operatives and raises concerns about the government’s ability to protect its secrets.

Information Technology Specialist Jack Teixeira was arrested in the case. A 21-year-old Air National Guardsman from Massachusetts, Teixeira was approached at his home, did not resist and was taken into custody. He is expected to be criminally charged for removing classified information related to the nation’s defense systems, an offense covered under the Espionage Act.

Teixeira maintained low-level security clearance as a “cyber transport systems specialist.” His job was to protect the networks where classified documents were stored and used. His position gave him access to sensitive information through the computer systems. Teixeira is alleged to have stolen the military documents, sharing them online through a gaming platform called Discord. He exchanged posts with other Discord members through a chatroom named Thug Shaker Central. Chats included racist comments and memes, opinions about guns and online games… and then, over 50 highly classified military documents from the Pentagon. Chat transcripts have not revealed Teixeira to be an extremist, but no specific motive has yet been released for his actions.

Military and Pentagon spokesmen say it is normal practice for low-ranking members of service to have access to information above their ranks. A leak of this magnitude calls that practice into question as the United States is on high alert with precarious and strategic positioning in many worldwide issues. Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, insists an examination is necessary to determine why and how the leak happened, and how to stop it from happening again.

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