77-Year-Old Man Faces Jail for Stockpiling E-D Drugs

(NationalUSNews.com) — A 77-year-old man in Florida, known for his appearance in a documentary about the reputable Villages retirement community, faces jail time for allegedly attempting to stockpile and sell erectile dysfunction drugs from an illicit market. Reginald Kincer faces accusations of trying to sell approximately $1,800 worth of drugs to various people, but this isn’t the first time authorities have encountered Kincer for illicit behavior.

In 2018, police searched Kincer, found marijuana and cocaine, and promptly arrested the senior citizen. Kincer claimed immunity from criminal charges under Native American law and refused to attend his assigned court date for the drug offenses. In February 2020, Kincer faced additional charges from a raid on his home, where authorities accused Kincer of trafficking phenethylamines, MDMA, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms.

The latest charges against Kincer stem from 2018 circumstances, prompting questions about why federal officials waited years to charge him for the alleged drug offenses. If found guilty of the erectile dysfunction drug charges, Kincer faces a maximum of one year in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Kincer’s trial is scheduled for November and is a federal case, as authorities claim Kincer intended to move the drugs across Florida state lines to prospective customers. Given Kincer’s prior convictions for drug offenses and the eccentric personality he displays on social media, Kincer’s trial will likely draw heavy media attention. Some online audiences are criticizing the Justice Department’s decision to charge Kincer years after confiscating the drugs, but the federal authorities are moving forward with the case against the 77-year-old regardless.

The retirement community where Kincer lives is already known for controversial cases, including several instances of voter fraud involving its residents. The Villages was featured in an award-winning documentary alongside Kincer himself and is Florida’s largest retirement community. The arrest of Kincer is shocking to many, as the community is known for peaceful elderly residents without criminal histories. Kincer’s latest arrest marks an interesting development for the retirement community, which will likely remain in national headlines as the 77-year-old’s trial commences.

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