85 People Killed in What Officials Called a “Bombing Mishap”

(NationalUSNews.com) — According to Nigerian authorities, a military drone malfunctioned and experienced a “bombing mishap,” which killed 85 Nigerian civilians. The drone accidentally killed the civilians while they gathered for a celebration in Kaduna, a state located in central Nigeria. Nigerian military officials claim the incident occurred while a drone was hunting for a terrorist organization but failed to disclose precise figures about the number of civilians killed in the bombing.

Residents of Kaduna shared details about the incident, claiming that at least 85 people died from the drone’s bombing. According to residents, an additional 60 people sustained injuries from the attack. The injured are receiving treatment in local hospitals, and their conditions are unknown. Villagers affected by the strike were preparing for a Muslim celebration during the time of the drone strike.

According to witnesses to the bombing, the drone dropped a bomb on the religious venue during celebration preparations. Following the initial strike, the drone allegedly returned and dropped a second bomb in the same area, causing more destruction. One witness claims the second bombing occurred as villagers attempted to retrieve bodies from the site of the first blast, prompting them to flee the area in fear of additional bombing attacks.

Nigeria’s defense spokesman, Major General Edward Buba, claims the bombing occurred during a routine patrol and that the Nigerian military had intelligence of a terrorist organization operating in the area. Despite Buba’s claims, Nigeria’s defense ministry acknowledged the tragic bombing and promised an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the drone malfunction. Members of Nigeria’s government also promised compensation to those affected by the bombing.

Kaduna’s governor, Uba Sani, also addressed the tragedy and promised residents that the government is working to prevent similar tragedies moving forward. Reports indicate the drone strike was supposed to hit members of Boko Haram, an infamous terrorist organization operating in the region.

The bombing mishap isn’t the first instance of Nigerian military strikes harming civilians, as at least two other incidents have occurred over the past six years. The first occurred in 2017, when a fighter jet hit a camp and killed over 100 Nigerians. Another incident occurred years later, in 2021, and caused the deaths of 21 Nigerian fishermen. While Nigerian military and government officials are addressing the tragic bombing, the cause of the malfunction remains unknown.

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