A Doritos-flavored Alcoholic Beverage Is on the Way

(NationalUSNews.com) — PepsiCo Incorporated, the parent company of Doritos, recently announced an alcoholic beverage based on Doritos is coming soon. Doritos is partnering with Empirical Spirits, a distillery based in Copenhagen, to develop alcoholic drinks. The Doritos alcohol will be part of a limited release and only available online and at set locations in California and New York. PepsiCo Incorporated also announced that a 750-milliliter bottle of the alcoholic beverage will cost $65.

Courtney Larson, the senior director of marketing for Doritos, discussed the partnership and the decision to take Doritos into the alcohol industry. According to Larson, the concept of an alcoholic Doritos drink originated with the founders of Empirical, Lars Williams and Mark Emil. Larson claims that Empirical reached out to Doritos about a potential collaboration, and Doritos found the offer innovative and decided to partner with the Copenhagen-based distillery. Larson also said that Empirical is known for its experimental drinks and flavors, so Doritos was excited to join the partnership.

The collaboration between Empirical and Doritos is the distillery’s latest experimental project. Other unusual projects released by Empirical include a light pink drink known as Symphony 6, which includes lemon leaves, figs, and coffee. Empirical also released a series of canned cocktails in 2020 that included toasted birch tea as an ingredient. According to Lars Williams, the collaboration with Doritos is an opportunity for Empirical to display its unusual drink manufacturing to an entirely new audience of customers.

Before starting Empirical, Williams and Emil worked at the world-renowned Noma in Copenhagen. Williams also spent time in the Nordic Food Lab, which conducts various experiments with flavoring. After leaving Soma and the Nordic Food Lab, Williams and Emil began using their culinary experience and experimental flavor design in the alcohol industry. Williams and Emil successfully oversaw multiple releases and partnerships and are now responsible for collaborating with Doritos.

According to people who’ve tasted the Doritos alcoholic drink, the beverage tastes remarkably similar to the nacho cheese chip. One taste tester claims that upon smelling the drink, it smells like nacho cheese Doritos mixed with corn. Iain Griffiths also worked with the beverage through various cocktails, including a drink known as the Double Triangle Margarita.

Williams claims that the Doritos-flavored alcohol isn’t a new invention for Empirical and that the original iteration of the project began in 2017. Williams claims that the initial creation of the drink was accidental. According to Williams, one of Empirical’s production guys returned from his lunch break with Doritos, and Williams decided to throw it into a work in progress. After tasting the new drink, Williams says he laughed and remarked about its flavor’s similarity to Doritos.

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