A Horse Show Producer Sentenced to Prison for Million-Dollar Bid To Have Wealthy Husband Murdered by a Hitman

(NationalUSNews.com) — A California woman who failed to captivate audiences with a horse show is going to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to kill her husband. A jury convicted Tatyana Remley, a 43-year-old Carlsbad native, of solicitation to commit murder and an additional gun charge. Despite the severity of the offense, Remley will only spend three years and eight months in a California prison and won’t face criminal consequences for an additional gun charge, which prosecutors dropped.

Authorities arrested Remley during a sting operation in Solana Beach after receiving a report from a mutual friend of Remley and her husband. According to the mutual friend, Remley contacted him and offered him $2 million to kill her husband. After the mutual friend denied Remley’s offer, Remley began searching for a hitman and eventually met an undercover officer posing as a murderer for hire. Remley brought several guns to the meeting, which she did not own, and money to pay a down payment. Police arrested Remley during the meeting.

Remley’s husband claims that Remley also burned down their house after their mutual friend refused her offer, but authorities aren’t charging Remley for the arson after an investigation. Remley wasn’t living with her husband during her arrest and presented herself as “single” on her social media pages. Media outlets reported on Remley’s failed marriage multiple times before her arrest, including lengthy coverage of her failed horse show based in Las Vegas.

Remley advertised her horse show as “Cirque du Soleil with Horses” and named the Las Vegas circus-like event “Valitar.” Remley based her horse show on another famous equestrian performance, “Cavalia,” featuring horse riding, ballet, and musical numbers. Despite Remley and her husband spending millions on the production of her horse show, it ultimately fell apart after just five performances. Remley’s involvement in the production drew heavy criticism, as she didn’t participate in any stunts but appeared on the poster and during the ending cast lineup.

Remley’s husband attempted to file for divorce before the failed horse show, as he tried to separate from Remley months before Valitar’s initial premiere. The two attempted to separate several times over the next 12 years, with Remley’s most recent attempt at leaving her husband occurring in the summer of 2023. The divorce never materialized, but Remley’s husband will likely file for divorce soon.

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