A Man From Ohio Planned to Murder 3,000 People

(NationalUSNews.com) — A man from Ohio who planned to shoot more than 3,000 people will spend six years in federal prison for a planned hate crime, which included plans of violence against sorority members from a college in Ohio. According to federal authorities, Tres Genco planned to murder thousands of women due to his status as an involuntarily celibate man, also known as an incel. Genco penned a lengthy manifesto about his frustrations with women and how he planned on killing thousands of people for revenge.

Genco reportedly planned to target women throughout Ohio without a specific target in mind. Federal prosecutors claim Genco hated women and planned to go through military training, then commit acts of violence against thousands of victims. Genco detailed his planned mass murder in a manifesto he wrote in 2019, which shared details about his failure to maintain a relationship with women and his status as a member of the incel community. Genco is the latest self-described incel to plan a mass murder, a disturbing trend that became more common during the 2010s.

Genco’s manifesto featured multiple tirades about women, their immorality, and how women possess power over men like Genco. Genco also wrote about how he intended to take power away from women by “slaughtering” them and shared his dreams of a shockingly high body count. Genco wrote that he planned to kill at least 3,000 women, a goal he admitted was unrealistically high after his arrest. Shortly after writing his bizarre manifesto, Genco began plotting an attack on a college located in Ohio.

The self-described incel purchased various pieces of tactical gear after writing his manifesto, including a vest capable of withstanding bullets. Genco also bought multiple weapons, including a handgun and a large knife. The convicted hate crime perpetrator also attended basic training in the United States Army after writing his manifesto, but army officials removed Genco from the service due to various disciplinary incidents. After his removal from the Army, Genco returned to his plans of killing women for revenge.

Federal authorities began monitoring Genco after he began posting about his hatred of women on various websites and his adoration for other mass murderous incels like Elliot Rodger, a California man who murdered six people in 2014 who also posted about his hatred of women and his plans to take revenge. Despite his planned attack, Genco failed to carry out his mass-murderous rampage after federal authorities arrested him for a domestic altercation.

Upon his arrest, federal authorities found a firearm with a prohibited attachment, which made it capable of automatic fire, along with various types of ammunition and a bulletproof vest, in Genco’s home. After searching the incel’s home, police found Genco’s manifesto and charged him with a hate crime for his plan to murder women. Genco confessed to the planned attack, and a court sentenced him to six years in federal prison for his plan to commit a hate crime against women.

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