A Middle School Counselor Stands Accused Of Grooming A Pupil Via Field Trip And Social Media Apps

(NationalUSNews.com) — A Pennsylvanian middle school guidance counselor is accused of sexually assaulting one of her students, an unnamed 14-year-old boy. According to authorities, 35-year-old Kelly Ann Schutte used school-approved smartphone apps to communicate and groom the unnamed student before having intercourse with him.

Schutte faces multiple felony charges, including multiple counts of having intercourse with a student, corruption of a minor, and three indecent assault charges. Schutte and the victim met at Pennridge South Middle School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. According to reports, the two began their inappropriate relationship during a 2022 field trip. Following the trip, Schutte regularly pulled the young student out of class to meet with him privately.

Once the 2022 academic year ended, the two used social media apps to continue their relationship. Among the apps used by Schutte and the minor are a school-based messaging app called Canvas and Snapchat. The two primarily used Snapchat, as the app automatically hides messages after a set period of time. Schutte then began meeting with the minor outside of a local supermarket and at the victim’s home when his parents weren’t around.

Although Schutte and the student used anonymous messaging apps, the minor’s mother reported Schutte to local authorities. Some reports indicate the teen told his mother about the relationship. Following the report, the school placed Schutte on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation by the authorities.

According to a statement from the school, the school is against any “inappropriate contact” between students and staff and will not tolerate Schutte’s actions if a jury convicts her for the inappropriate relationship. Schutte’s lawyer isn’t commenting about the scandal now, and any indication of a potential plea deal isn’t available to the public.

Schutte is cooperating with authorities and turned herself in after the boy’s mother reported her to the police. Schutte received a $25,000 bail and is currently free, but isn’t allowed to contact the teen or his family. Schutte is also required to stay away from school buildings and events. Schutte will return to court later this month for a preliminary hearing.

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