A Mother and Twins Part of Possible Murder-Suicide

(NationalUSNews.com) — According to authorities in Florida, a woman who recently committed suicide is likely involved in the deaths of her five-year-old twin daughters. Police found Catorreia Hutto’s car parked alongside the S.R. 417 bridge overlooking Lake Jesup, where Hutto jumped from the bridge to her death. After searching Lake Jesup, police found a body floating near the bride, whom they identified as Hutto.

Following their identification of Hutto, authorities went to her home in Sanford, where they found the bodies of Hutto’s young twin daughters. The official cause of death for the twins isn’t determined, but police are ruling the tragedy a murder-suicide.

The police found no discernible trauma or injuries when examining the two children’s remains. Authorities found a firearm near the heinous scene, but investigators found no spent cartridges or bullet wounds. The motive for the murder-suicide remains a mystery, but some speculate Hutto killed herself due to a longstanding battle with depression.

Some reports indicate Hutto struggled financially before the tragedy, as authorities found little food or supplies in the home during their initial investigation. Hutto received her house from the nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity, sparking further speculation that the single mother struggled financially during the months before the tragic deaths.

Although Hutto’s mother indicated her daughter struggled with mental illness throughout her life, no statements regarding Hutto indicate a history of violence or malicious behavior. Hutto’s neighbors are shocked by the incident and claim Hutto was a “hands-on” parent when caring for her two children. Police remain confused about Hutto’s potential motive, as one investigator claims that murder-suicides typically occur after a history of abuse or welfare checks is established.

However, Hutto’s case differs from the norm, as police never received reports of Hutto being neglectful or abusive to the twins, and all sources indicate Hutto worked hard to provide for her two daughters. Authorities hope the public can uncover more information regarding the tragedy once a medical examiner determines the cause of death. Still, any indication of why Hutto committed the heinous act remains unknown.

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