A Pastor Is Accused of Selling Crystal Meth From the Church Rectory

(NationalUSNews.com) — Connecticut authorities recently arrested a Methodist pastor due to allegations that he sold crystal methamphetamine to church members out of his church’s rectory. According to Connecticut police, 63-year-old Reverend Herbert Miller sold crystal meth to members of his congregation. A cooperating witness reported Miller to Connecticut state troopers, who arrested the reverend and found him in possession of the illegal drug.

Shortly after his arrest, online commenters began comparing Miller’s case to the television show “Breaking Bad” due to the similarity between Miller and the show’s protagonist, Walter White. According to commenters, Miller resembles the fictitious drug dealer and “broke bad” in a similar way to the fictional chemistry teacher. Miller differs from White, however, as he traded meth for sexual favors, according to authorities.

Reports indicate that Miller traded crystal methamphetamine with gay couples to watch them perform sexual acts on one another. The bizarre story immediately caught state troopers’ attention, prompting them to perform a drug bust. Miller allegedly drove to a pre-determined site to sell drugs but failed to reach the designated area before state troopers pulled him over. Following the traffic stop, police began searching Miller’s vehicle, where they found the crystal methamphetamine.

While searching Miller’s car, state police found crystal meth in rock form and liquid form. Authorities also discovered a hypodermic needle filled with liquid crystal meth, which someone could have used immediately. Connecticut state police aren’t entirely sure how long Miller sold meth, but the pastor faces multiple charges for his involvement in the drug trade.

Prosecutors charged Miller with possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, and usage of drug paraphernalia, along with additional drug-related charges. The reverend quickly paid his $10,000 bail and will reappear in court on February 23rd for his first pre-trial hearing. If convicted, Miller could spend several years in a Connecticut prison.

Following his arrest, Woodbury United Methodist Church fired Miller and removed his name from their official website. Miller joined the church in July 2023 and had experience as a pastor at a different church before his appointment as reverend. Despite the allegations against him, Miller hasn’t commented on his arrest, nor has he entered a plea related to the drug offenses.

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