A Strange Behavior Report Leads to the Rescue of Eight Abducted Children

(NationalUSNews.com) — Authorities in California rescued eight abducted children from Arkansas following reports of bizarre behavior late Saturday night. Police arrived to investigate the reports and found Trista Fullerton, an Arkansas woman accused of abducting the children, fleeing across the country.

Fullerton lost custody of her eight biological children, who ended up in various foster homes in the Rogers, Arkansas, region. Fullerton allegedly kidnapped her biological children from the various foster homes and fled the area to evade authorities. Once the foster homes reported the kidnapping to Arkansas police, authorities issued a warrant for Fullerton’s arrest. After receiving a report of a woman exhibiting bizarre behavior, police found Fullerton with six of her children. After police identified Fullerton, she told authorities where to find her other two missing children.

The police found each of the children, and none of them sustained injuries due to Fullerton’s actions. Fullerton is a known violent offender with a history of offenses dating back years. In one incident, Fullerton knowingly caused harm to an undisclosed family member. In the latest criminal incident, Fullerton violated a no-contact order with the father of her children. The details surrounding Fullerton’s arrest aren’t being disclosed at this time, as the only confirmed fact is that an unknown witness reported Fullerton’s behavior to the police in California.

After rescuing the children and checking their physical health, authorities returned them to their legal guardians. Fullerton isn’t providing a comment at this time, and it’s unclear if an attorney is representing the alleged kidnapper. So far, a plea deal isn’t being discussed regarding Fullerton’s case, and if the accused kidnapper stands trial, she will likely be found guilty.

Police not only found Fullerton with six children with protective orders against her, but she also identified the other two missing children and told authorities where to find them. Fullerton lost custody of her kids for an unknown reason, but her criminal history of domestic violence is a likely factor in why police denied her access to her children.

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