According to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Democrats Want to Remove Trump Permanently

( — Controversial Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene yet again made headlines after she compared former President Donald Trump to deceased Russian political activist Alexei Navalny. Navalny mysteriously died after spending time in a Russian prison, which many political experts believe resulted from foul play on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Greene, United States Democrats intend to use the American judicial system against Trump in a similar fashion, in what she called a “death sentence” for the former president.

Greene expressly referred to the various criminal cases against Donald Trump, which she claims Democrats hope will result in a life sentence for the former president. Green contrasted Democratic lawmakers’ desire for a lengthy prison sentence for Trump with their outspoken distress regarding Navalny’s death, which Green claims resulted from an almost identical misuse of power. The comparison between Navalny and Trump is ill-made, according to many political experts, as the United States and Russia’s political systems operate entirely differently, and Navalny faced different criminal charges than the former president.

Greene also criticized the Democratic-led effort to imprison protestors involved in the January 6 Capitol riots, which she claims is an example of the American judicial system’s weaponization. Greene then compared the widespread desire amongst Democrats to lock up Trump to election interference, as a criminal conviction for the former president could hinder his re-election effort against President Joe Biden. Greene shared her posts on social media and received support from a large number of online commenters. Other commenters blasted Greene for comparing the United States political system to Putin’s ongoing regime in Russia.

While comparing Donald Trump to Alexei Navalny, Greene also briefly mentioned the ongoing immigration surge, which she claims is another example of President Biden’s failure to keep Americans safe. According to Greene, Biden is more interested in shifting blame to Trump than preventing illegal immigration or lowering the increasing inflation rate.

Despite Greene’s comments, it’s implausible for Trump to spend the remainder of his life in prison. Trump does face multiple felony cases, punishable by years in federal prison, but the former president could feasibly accept a plea deal that might prevent him from spending time in prison. Trump remains confident that he won’t be found guilty once his various cases reach trial, and he currently maintains a lead over other candidates for the 2024 presidential nomination.

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