Adams Wants Biden to Declare a National Emergency

( — The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, demands President Joe Biden declare a national emergency regarding the ongoing migration crisis at the southern United States border. Adams is facing a surge of immigrants to New York City, which he claimed was a “sanctuary city” months ago, and is now changing his stance and demanding the federal government take action.

Adams claims the ongoing wave of immigrants to New York City will cost the city upwards of $12 billion in the next three years. Adams is using the city’s funds and infrastructure to provide the migrants with housing and amenities, and he has used hotels in the past to provide housing for the immigrants. Another demand Adams is making is that the federal government should reimburse New York City for the high costs brought on by the migrant surge and provide a more straightforward method of employment for immigrants to lessen the financial burden on the city. Adams’s stance on the migration crisis shifted months ago when immigrants arrived in New York from Texas.

Before New York was directly involved in the immigration crisis, Adams appeared on national television multiple times to claim his city was a sanctuary city that would not turn away immigrants. Adams also criticized other politicians, like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, for their complaints regarding the Biden Administration’s border policies, claiming that the immigration crisis wasn’t severe enough to warrant such criticisms. Adams now agrees with other politicians and believes the immigration crisis is a national emergency.

President Biden heard Adams’s cry for help and sent Tom Perez, a top aide, to meet with the mayor following his demand for a state of national emergency. The meeting details are unclear, but the two officials likely discussed the ongoing immigration surge and potential solutions to New York’s current issue. Adams has yet to comment on the results of the meeting so far. Despite his demand for Biden to declare a state of emergency, Adams remains a staunch supporter of Biden’s Administration and hasn’t criticized the president for mishandling the border in national appearances.