Amateur Bomb Maker Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison

( — An amateur bomb maker from Burleson, Texas, will spend 14 years in prison for possession of child pornography and multiple weapon charges. Among the charges against the amateur bomb maker is one count of possession of a destructive device, which likely refers to the various bomb-making materials uncovered by police.

According to authorities, Noah Calderon taught himself how to manufacture and use improved explosive devices and regularly posed with tactical gear and firearms in online photos. Calderon’s fascination with explosives resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation looking into his online browsing activities, as Calderon regularly researched mass shootings such as the Columbine massacre. Police also investigated Calderon before his arrest after receiving a tip that Calderon used a homemade explosive device in his neighborhood.

After looking into Calderon’s online browsing history, authorities found that the amateur bomb maker researched multiple mass shootings and schools in the Burleson area and provided detailed instructions on how to craft a variety of explosives, including pipe bombs and propane explosives. After searching Calderon’s residence, police found ball bearings, more than 600 grams of black powder, fuses, and other bomb-making materials.

The shocking discovery led authorities to search Calderon’s personal cell phone, which contained saved videos from an online chat that Calderon had with an underage girl. After being detained for possessing the explicit material, Calderon admitted to knowing the girl was underage when he saved the explicit material to his phone. The pornographic material in Calderon’s possession resulted in the amateur bomb maker being sentenced to 14 years in prison, with 30 years of supervised release once he’s free.

The attorney overseeing Calderon’s case, United States Attorney Leigha Simonton, spoke about Calderon and how the arrest likely prevented a mass tragedy. According to Simonton, authorities received multiple tips regarding Calderon acting erratically, and Calderon’s social media posts were concerning to many online users. Simonton also claims that Calderon was actively planning a mass shooting at the time of his arrest, as indicated by his increasing research into numerous mass shooters and extensive research regarding the surrounding area.

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