American Citizens Are Evacuated From Israel to Cyprus

( — American citizens are being evacuated from Israel through various methods, including charter flights and transportation by cruise ships. One cruise ship, the Rhapsody of the Seas, evacuated Americans after the United States Embassy in Israel requested assistance. The Rhapsody of the Seas evacuated citizens from Israel to Cyprus, where it’s easier to organize transportation.

According to various reports, approximately 2,500 Americans boarded the cruise liner for evacuation. While this is a practical step in evacuating Americans from a dangerous conflict, the State Department confirmed that approximately 500,000 Americans live in Israel, meaning further evacuation efforts will be required. The National Security spokesman for the White House, John Kirby, announced that charter flights will be available for citizens still trapped in Israel in the coming weeks. Certain elected officials are already organizing flights to aid the evacuation efforts by the State Department.

One such official is Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who recently organized a charter flight that evacuated almost 300 Americans from Israel. Upon the plane’s arrival in Tampa, the governor greeted the evacuated citizens, who could not find flights after commercial airliners canceled flights from Israel. Most evacuated were Florida citizens, but the flight transported several dogs to safety. Following the successful evacuation, DeSantis shared controversial statements on X, formerly Twitter, stating that the United States shouldn’t accept refugees from Middle Eastern countries. DeSantis claims that Middle Eastern refugees likely support the militant group Hamas and shouldn’t be able to access the United States.

The Rhapsody of the Seas evacuation is the first in a more significant movement to evacuate Americans by sea, the latest tactic in rescuing Americans from Israel as the ongoing conflict with Hamas develops. The shift to sea-focused evacuation is likely a response to Hamas’ offensive capabilities, as the militant group possesses weaponry that jeopardizes aircraft and standard vehicles if utilized property. The developing war between Hamas and Israel is causing immense international tension, and many fear the war will escalate into a more significant global conflict between nations like the United States and Iran.

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