American Politicians Call for Increased Military Support of Taiwan

( – All eyes are on China as the Communist giant conducts military drills off the coast of Taiwan. The Chinese military is making its presence known in a retaliative response to friendly talks between the United States and Taiwan, hosted in California by a bipartisan gathering of American politicians and the Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen.

The meeting was part of an overseas mission by President Tsai to garner allied support for the island democracy of Taiwan as it sits in the shadow of China’s threats. China and Taiwan were once part of the same nation, but after a civil war that spanned over two decades, Taiwan broke free of Chinese control in 1949, establishing its independence.

Thirty years later, in 1979, the United States took a middle-of-the-road approach to the two far east entities in order to establish diplomacy with China. The American government officially recognized the “One China” policy whereby Beijing claimed control of Taiwan, but it did not go so far as to endorse that claim. In fact, America is now the number one supplier of military aid, training and supplies to the island of Taiwan as it exists under daily threats of Chinese takeover.

Wisconsin Republican Representative Mike Gallagher was part of the recent California meeting with President Tsai. He is urging Congress to continue to support Taiwan, and to increase American military resources there. A Marine veteran who toured in Iraq, Gallagher says it is vital that Chinese intimidation efforts be met without fear, and with enough fortification that Chinese President Xi Jinping decides that a takeover of Taiwan would not be worth his while.

President Xi Jinping took the meeting on American soil as an affront to the Communist country because of the official level of diplomacy between the two world powers. America has supported Taiwan for years, but does not have the same named status of comradery with the island as it does with China.

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