Another Republican Announces Decision To Run

( — Yet another Republican has announced their plan to run for presidency in 2024, adding to a growing list of GOP hopefuls who want to take on Joe Biden during his reelection bid. The Republican in question is North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who has served for just two terms starting back in 2016. Burgum is a former IT specialist and CEO, who sold his company to Microsoft for over $1 billion in a stock deal. Since his company was sold Burgum shifted to politics, winning office and passing a number of conservative policies in line with the group he seeks support from. Among his policies include an abortion ban, as well as various bills pertaining to the ongoing transgender rights issues in the country. Burgum will likely use the wealth he attained as CEO of Great Plains Software during his campaign, as he has claimed he will partially self fund his campaign rather than rely on donors like many other GOP hopefuls will.

Burgum is the latest in a long line of Republican officials who feel as though they have a chance of securing the Republican nomination in 2024. Among Burgum’s challengers will be Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and of course Donald Trump. While Burgum does have experience passing policies that many conservatives agree with, he lacks the popularity of the aforementioned candidates. Burgum has mainly been out of the national spotlight, and will likely face an uphill battle in breaking out of the single digit poll numbers. Despite these challenges, the North Dakota Governor seems hopeful that he can win.

Burgum’s campaign is seen by a long shot by many, including various media outlets like The Hill. Although he lacks the popularity that the other Republican candidates possess, such as Donald Trump, Burgum’s previous policies could help lay a strong foundation with Republican and Independent voters. He has passed various policies that will likely become key issues during the 2024 election cycle, which will help him should he make it through the primary season. Despite these previous successes it appears as though Donald Trump still has the best shot of securing the nomination, as he’s polling incredibly well regardless of the various controversies he’s currently embroiled in.

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