AOC Roasted By Dems Over Biden Endorsement

( — Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing backlash from progressive officials and voters following comments she made during a podcast appearance, in which she seemingly endorses President Joe Biden’s campaign for next year’s election. AOC mentioned other candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson and stated that from that field she believes Biden is the best choice for a Democratic nominee.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ former Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray commented on AOC and Bernie Sanders’ endorsements of Biden, stating that such a decision was a betrayal of progressive interests and that most Democrats don’t actually want Joe Biden to run. Despite Gray’s comments Biden still remains the most popular candidate for the Democratic Party ahead of next year’s election, and he will likely be the nominee to face off against the GOP candidate.

AOC’s endorsement of Biden is a stark change from his initial campaign, in which she insinuated that Joe Biden was out of touch with modern voters. AOC also supported Kamala Harris’ claim that Biden was racist, which Harris retracted after becoming his running mate. AOC’s decision to publicly support Biden is interesting, as it marks a sense of unity that the Democratic Party hasn’t had since Barack Obama’s time in office. Some speculate AOC may be supporting Biden to avoid endorsing controversial candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, who has drawn the ire of many progressives given his moderate stances on topics like gun control or vaccinations.

Although Biden is backed by the Democratic Party, he still needs more support from undecided and independent voters. In an effort to tout his policies and their benefits to the American public, Biden recently visited the historically Republican state of South Carolina to speak about how his policies have benefited the economy. Biden likely visited South Carolina to raise his own popularity in various states from the region, as he’s dropped below Donald Trump in terms of popularity in recent weeks. Despite his decline in popularity Biden remains confident that he’ll win next year’s presidential election.

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