Artificial Intelligence Takes Spotlight in Senate, Campaign Advertisements

( — The 2020 Presidential election endured procedural controversies when alleged voter fraud took center stage. The mechanisms for casting a vote overshadowed the actual platform.

The 2024 election promises yet another operational discussion focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). How is AI going to affect the election process? Will Americans be tricked by AI technologies manufacturing messages equivalent to propaganda?

Can television viewers trust the political advertisements on their screens? Candidates have long used soundbites and clips in derogatory ways to sway voter opinion, but AI is a whole new ball game.

AI technologies can produce deep fake videos and create fabricated audio text. AI can edit images and headlines to depict just about anything. Will voters know the difference?

Democrat Gary Peters is the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Peters is planning several hearings regarding AI, calling on players from all sectors to testify about the characteristics of AI and how they can be regulated.

The topics will be extensive. Peters wants to cover the ways AI can be used in government and business. He will seek answers from spokesmen in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. With regard to ethics, Peters will look at civil liberties and whether AI is a threat.

There is much talk about risks and benefits of AI, but in the meantime, the technology is blossoming at a rate faster than the world is prepared to manage. In response to President Biden’s official announcement of his run for reelection, Republicans have just launched a persuasive advertisement produced entirely by AI. Questions are swirling as to its potential to twist words and affect voter opinion en masse.

President Biden’s suggestion regarding AI was to take a “pause” on its development while the details are ironed out. China, on the other hand, has taken no such pause, and some lawmakers believe China will control AI if America does not keep up the pace.

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