As the Violence in Haiti Escalates, Several Countries Rush To Evacuate Their Embassies

( — Due to escalating violence in the nation of Haiti, various countries are withdrawing their officials from the country. Among the countries pulling their ambassadors from Haiti are Germany, the United States, and the European Union. The United States military provided troops for the withdrawal and pulled personnel out of the United States embassy in Haiti in response to growing gang violence within the country.

After the withdrawal, the United States military provided additional troops to the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, to prevent further violence from various gangs within the city. The multiple nations’ evacuation from Haiti came just days after the Caribbean nation’s government issued a declaration of emergency in response to growing gang attacks on citizens and officials. Experts believe the growing violence could result in higher immigration rates for the United States, as Haitian citizens are leaving the country by the thousands.

The situation in Haiti prompted other countries like Germany and members of the EU to evacuate, and the Caribbean Community requested an emergency meeting to address the ongoing escalating violence within Haiti. The Caribbean Community, also known as CARICOM, petitioned the United Nations to discuss Haiti’s gang violence problem and could receive foreign aid to help prevent further violence against its citizens. Although countries like Germany and France expressed their willingness to help Haiti’s government, they had their officials within Haiti transported to the nearby Dominican Republic due to concerns about potential violence.

Haitian officials claim that Jimmy Chérizier, a prominent gang leader who once served as a Haiti police officer, is responsible for the growing gang violence rates within the nation’s capital. Chérizier leads multiple gangs with influence throughout Haiti and promises to continue committing violent acts within the country until Ariel Henry, Haiti’s prime minister, leaves office. Authorities claim Chérizier could be connected to an infamous massacre that unfolded in Port-au-Prince’s slums, resulting in more than 70 deaths, but the accused gang leader denies any connection to the crime.

Certain political experts believe Chérizier is the most influential person in Haiti and that the gang leader could seize power should Henry resign from his position. Haiti’s national police are currently attempting to prevent Chérizier’s influence from spreading, but the gang leader has a vast criminal network, and the chaos unfolding within Port-au-Prince shows no signs of slowing.

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