B-1 Bomber Crashes During Training Mission in South Dakota

(NationalUSNews.com) — A bomber aircraft recently crashed in South Dakota during a training mission after a failed landing at a military installation. According to reports, the B-1 Lancer crashed while performing a landing at Ellsworth Air Force Base, prompting the crew to eject from the bomber. The Air Force has used the B-1 Lancer in multiple conflicts throughout the past 40 years, but only 60 remain operational in the Air Force. A spokesperson for the 28th Bomb Wing operating out of Ellsworth Air Force Base briefly addressed the incident, confirming an investigation by a board of Air Force officers.

Details surrounding the failed landing remain scarce, with the Air Force providing no information about any potential injuries or fatalities from the crash. According to the United States Air Force, the crash occurred after the crew lost control of the B-1 Lancer while attempting to land the aircraft. The crash resulted in a fire, with multiple fire departments arriving at the scene to extinguish the flames at the crash site. Despite the lack of information about the incident, some aircraft experts from a military forum claim the weather conditions could be responsible. During the time of the accident, the area of the training mission experienced heavy fog and icy weather.

The B-1 Lancer crash is the latest instance of a military aircraft facing a catastrophic failure, with prior crashes resulting in severe injuries and death in some cases. A similar crash occurred when an Osprey aircraft crashed during a training mission off the coast of southern Japan, which resulted in eight deaths. After an investigation by the United States Air Force, authorities determined the crash resulted from a malfunction on the Osprey aircraft. Two other crashes occurred in August 2023, when a Marine Corps plane crashed during a training exercise in Australia and a helicopter crashed during a training exercise in California.

Following the Osprey aircraft crash, authorities began using divers to search for the crew and determine the potential cause of the incident. The crash also resulted in the United States grounding every Osprey aircraft until aircraft experts could ensure their safety. The Osprey incident drew international attention and raised concerns about United States military personnel using older aircraft. The latest crash in South Dakota is also raising concerns amongst military personnel, who feel as though the Air Force’s reliance on older aircraft models puts lives at risk.

An investigation into the B-1 Lancer crash is ongoing and could result in further inquiries into the B-1 Lancer aircraft moving forward. The Air Force isn’t providing any details about the crew members who ejected from the bomber, but it seems as though no fatalities occurred from the training mission mishap.

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