Baltimore Police Apprehend Suspect in CEO’s Murder

( — Baltimore police confirmed the death of EcoMap Technologies CEO Pava Marie LaPere and issued an alert for the man suspected of killing her. EcoMap Technologies is a tech startup that seeks to make information in a particular locale more accessible for online users and is based in Baltimore.

Following the death of LaPere, EcoMap released a statement claiming the news “shook them to the core.” Although a manhunt for the man responsible for LaPere’s death began, the suspect in question is already in custody with the Baltimore police. LaPere was only 26 years old and cofounded EcoMap Technologies in 2018. The details surrounding LaPere’s tragic death are well-documented thanks to cameras in the building police found her at, which aided authorities in the manhunt that ensued. The suspect police claim killed LaPere is 32-year-old Jason Billingsley, whom police arrested without incident late Wednesday night.

Billingsley is a repeat offender with a criminal record of violent crimes, including a recent sexual assault days before LaPere’s death. Police surveilled Billingsley following the alleged assault, indicating the Baltimore police already knew about Billingsley’s felonious behavior. According to authorities, Billingsley is seen on camera footage in the building where LaPere’s body was found on the night of the murder. The footage indicates that Billingsley lured her to the entrance before LaPere opened the door to let him in. Following BIllingsley’s entrance to the building, the two are seen getting on an elevator. This footage is the last known footage of LaPere alive.

Billingsley’s mother urged her son to surrender to authorities following the alert by Baltimore police. According to Scarlett Billingsley, 72, she knew police would likely kill Jason Billingsley if he didn’t surrender himself. Billingsley’s mother claims that her son probably would have been armed and urged him over text to surrender without incident.

Billingsley is accused of murdering LaPere sometime last week, but the exact cause of death remains unknown. Police have so far confirmed that LaPere suffered blunt force trauma and strangulation but haven’t determined which is responsible for her tragic demise. Billingsley faces a murder charge, the latest criminal offense on his record that spans over ten years. LaPere’s family is distraught with the news of her untimely demise, as are EcoMap Technologies employees.

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