‘Barry’, a Rare Dinosaur Skeleton, Set To Be Auctioned Off

(NationalUSNews.com) — A genuine dinosaur skeleton is set to be auctioned off in Paris next month and is expected to be priced at upwards of $1 million by its final bid. The skeleton is known as Barry, named after the paleontologist who discovered it in the 1990s, Barry James.

The skeleton is almost complete and belonged to a Camptosaurus during the late Jurassic Period. According to experts, Barry is in excellent condition, and it’s unusual for fossilized skeletons to remain in such good shape. Barry James discovered the skeleton in Wyoming, which is approximately two meters tall.

The looming auction is drawing heavy criticism from online audiences, who claim that dinosaur fossils and other rare artifacts shouldn’t be available for purchase by private owners. Despite the outspoken criticisms against selling the skeleton to a private party, Barry isn’t the only dinosaur fossil sold in recent memory.

A Tyrannosaurus rex was sold for the first time in Europe during a private auction in April. The T. rex sold for over $6 million and immediately raised concerns amongst scientists and other members of the public regarding the private ownership of dinosaur bones. Many feel that fossils are an essential area of scientific study, and the private ownership of fossils and other antiquities is detrimental to the more significant public interest. While the auctions of dinosaur fossils aren’t a new occurrence, the T. rex marks the first time that Europe is expanding into the industry of selling larger fossils. The upcoming auction of Barry indicates Europe might begin selling fossils more frequently, a trend that alarms many people across the globe.

Despite concerns about selling fossils like Barry’s, dinosaur auctions are extremely rare. Barry’s auction is an exceptionally unusual occurrence due to the excellent condition of the skeleton in question. While many feel the auction is part of a developing trend, others are less convinced. Dinosaur bones and other fossils are typically provided to museums and scientific groups for free or relatively low charges, and this will remain the most common usage of skeletons like Barry’s.

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