Biden Admin Appeals Decision Limiting Social Media Access

( — The Biden Administration is facing heavy criticism for appealing a federal judge’s decision that would limit the White House’s ability to discuss content with social media companies. The order in question seeks to limit President Biden’s ability to meet with social media platforms and instruct them to remove or limit content that is “harmful” or “dangerous” to the American public.

One example is so-called “misinformation,” which the Biden Administration has identified as its key reason for meeting with social media companies to “reduce harm.” While Biden’s decision to appeal the ruling likely won’t change the judge’s decision, it does raise concerns amongst moderate voters and officials, who feel Biden is attempting to gain more influence over social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

While Biden’s support from mainstream media outlets is readily apparent, the influence he already possesses on social media is more subtle. Social media platforms like Facebook were instrumental in President Biden’s 2020 election campaign, as they heavily favored Biden in coverage and exposure. Twitter even banned Donald Trump from the platform, a decision that Elon Musk reversed once he became CEO.

Despite the immense influence that Biden already has with social media and the positive coverage provided to him, the White House is seemingly trying to gain a more direct path to influencing the content provided to millions of American voters. A successful appeal of the federal ruling would allow the White House to determine what content is misinformation or harmful, and instruct social media platforms to remove or censor said content.

Biden’s use of social media seems to be an attempt to gain support from younger voting demographics, whom Biden also promised debt relief to. While Biden’s proposed debt-relief plan was shut down by the Supreme Court, he’s developed a new plan that he hopes will accomplish the same goal. Biden has repeatedly pandered to younger voters in his presidential campaigns, relying on promises related to student debt and young influencers’ endorsements to gain support.

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