Biden Admin Fails to Hold Anyone Accountable for Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan

( — The second anniversary of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan recently passed. Michael McCaul, the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, commented on the international incident, blaming President Joe Biden for the takeover and claiming nobody is being held accountable for the Taliban’s growth in power.

McCaul blames Biden for the incident, calling it a “disaster” and saying Biden is personally responsible for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan months into his presidency. Biden famously withdrew troops from Afghanistan as his first significant act while in office but left billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment behind, granting the Taliban new arms and munitions to use in the militant group’s takeover of the middle eastern country. McCaul threatened to withhold any funding for humanitarian causes within Afghanistan, as he’s worried the funding will go to the Taliban rather than those in need.

Since the horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States has poured over $2 billion into the nation to help the men, women, and children left behind. Despite these efforts, most of the money goes to the Taliban, who now hold positions in the nation’s government and administration systems. The Taliban famously claimed it would cooperate with the United States to some extent but remains adamant in instituting older traditions within the nation, such as denying girls proper higher education opportunities.

The State Department released a report about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, assigning President Biden some blame for the multiple failures throughout the ordeal. The information also gives responsibility to Donald Trump for his policies leading up to Biden’s Administration. Still, the report asserts both officials were responsible for the deteriorating diplomatic relations between the two nations. When questioned about it, Biden did not acknowledge the information, and the White House released heavily edited snippets to the public to appear more favorable.

The FAA is easing guidelines for commercial aircraft, allowing certain planes to fly over Afghanistan on international flights. Despite the easing restrictions, many commercial airlines are avoiding Afghanistan. Many officials feel concerned about the possibility of an airliner facing an attack, as many anti-aircraft systems remain in Afghanistan and could be used by the Taliban. Despite these concerns, the Biden Administration remains silent about how Biden contributed to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

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