Biden Admin Supports Dominican Republic Justice System Despite Problems

( — The Biden Administration is sending millions to the Dominican Republic to fix the country’s failing justice system. Currently, the White House has sent over $100 million in foreign aid to the Dominican Republic, despite the ruling political party in the country imprisoning political opponents using “preventive detention.”

Preventive detention doesn’t require evidence of criminal activity or charges against an alleged criminal to detain someone. According to reports from the Dominican Republic, 70% of prisoners are detained under preventive detention. The reports also indicate that the Dominican Revolutionary Party, the country’s dominant liberal political body, is jailing political opponents rather than actual criminals.

This allegation is drawing comparisons to the Biden Administration, as many citizens feel President Biden is using his influence to hinder political opponent Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, an allegation regularly repeated by Trump himself. President Biden denies any claims of political interference, but American voters within the GOP aren’t convinced. One primary reason for the alleged political interference from Biden is the ongoing legal issues surrounding his son, Hunter Biden, who faces multiple criminal cases, including a felony gun charge.

Whistleblowers from the IRS testified that the United States Justice Department and the Delaware Attorney General colluded to hinder ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden and prevent law enforcement action against the son of President Biden. The testimony relates to multiple tax charges against Hunter Biden, where he’s allegedly avoided paying over $1 million in income tax. President Biden denies any involvement with the federal agencies overseeing his son’s criminal investigations. Still, many voters believe federal law enforcement downplayed Hunter Biden’s crimes and prevented legal consequences due to President Biden’s status as the chief executive.

Among the officials accused of using their influence to affect the criminal cases against Hunter Biden is Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland is accused of using his status as the Attorney General to prevent criminal consequences for Hunter Biden and causing federal law enforcement to avoid pursuing legal action against President Biden’s son. Garland denies any claims alleging misconduct, but many aren’t convinced, as President Biden appointed Garland himself. While Biden and Garland deny wrongdoing, allegations of political influence will be a focal point for President Biden’s opponents in the upcoming presidential election.

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