Biden Administration Ignores Three Subpoenas Regarding Afghanistan Exit

( — The infamous exit from Afghanistan will be recorded as one of the lowest points in Biden’s time as President. Support was strong for the actual decision to pull American troops out of Afghanistan, as they had been there for 20 years. However, the botched method of removing troops garnered criticism for Biden that stretched from voters to lawmakers to military personnel.

Because the American system of government includes checks and balances, review committees examine completed missions and decide the respective successes and failures. Texas Republican Representative Mike McCaul is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC). He has issued three subpoenas for documents related to the Afghanistan exit, and three times, he has been ignored.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken has decided not to honor McCaul’s requests. Specifically, McCaul wants the FAC to be able to assess a particular “dissent cable” that was sent directly from the United States Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. McCaul suspects that Biden was not in full agreement with Embassy officials about the methods used for leaving the country.

The State Department has offered to give the FAC a briefing on the documents in question. McCaul accepted one briefing but refused to allow that information to substitute for a full reading of the dissent. He suspects there is more information that the State Department may be reluctant to share.

The Biden Administration says its reasoning for not complying with the FAC is the importance of allowing open communications between Embassy officials and the President’s office without fear of excessive oversight. Blinken insists that allowing the FAC to review and critique the dissent could hinder the essential free flow of information in the future.

Blinken stated emphatically that the State Department will never answer the subpoenas. Nonetheless, McCaul vows to keep Afghanistan at the forefront of his focus, as well as his efforts to stop American technology exports to China.

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