Biden Administration Imposes Regulations on Gas Stove Burners

( – The Biden Administration and the Department of Energy (DOE) have released new far-reaching energy conservation standards through the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA). An energy-related consumer advocacy group has assembled in response to the EPCA. The group accused the DOE of overstepping its jurisdiction, and has submitted its concerns directly to the DOE in the hope of relaxing the new rules.

The EPCA could affect consumers as personally as the style of the gas stoves they use to cook dinner. Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) leads the advocacy group, and its members say the DOE guidelines will uselessly limit appliance features that Americans enjoy. The DOE says its purpose in the stricter regulations is to conserve energy and boost efficiency, but the CEI insists that the level of conservation is minimal and not worth the inconvenience to the consumer. The DOE cites climate change as its reasoning for the EPCA guidelines, but CEI says that the claim is exaggerated at best.

High input gas stovetop burners are at the center of the EPCA rules ruffling the feathers of the consumer advocacy group. The larger burners are mostly used for boiling water rapidly, and for larger pans that sear or stir-fry foods. The smaller burners are used for simmering sauces and soups and other lower-heat cooking options. The DOE wants to limit the use of both sizes of these gas burners, as well as heavy grates used for cast iron pots and pans. The CEI says consumers will suffer decreased options in cooking methods, and that the amount of energy conserved is not sufficient to warrant the over-reaching rules.

The Biden Administration is clear about combating climate change and seeking energy-efficient methods in many areas of technology and machinery. The EPCA is one way they are addressing those issues, but the CEI says the DOE is not allowed to set new rules that do away with appliance features desired by consumers.

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