Biden Appointee Resigning After Ethics Investigation

( — A Massachusetts US Attorney appointed by Joe Biden back in 2021 is expected to resign, following a lengthy ethics probe that investigated her ties to the Democratic Party. The attorney in question is Rachael Rollins, who was sworn in just last year after being appointed by Joe Biden. Rollins apparently attended a Democratic National Committee fundraiser that featured Jill Biden during July 2022, which is a violation of the Hatch Act. The investigation is being undertaken by the Department of Justice, and also focuses on Rollins’ travel patterns and use of her personal phone for business matters. Rollins is expected to turn in her formal resignation by May 19th, according to her attorney.

The Department of Justice found multiple ethical breaches within Rollins’ conduct, making her resignation feel quite justified. According to the DOJ, Rollins violated federal regulations, numerous DOJ policies, her ethics agreement, and even falsely testified under oath in relation to an ongoing criminal investigation. Many of these actions don’t just constitute a violation of her duties as a US attorney, but violations of the law that are punishable by fines or even prison time. Whether or not Rollins will be subject to legal consequences has yet to be announced, but the likelihood of her avoiding a criminal case seems slim given the DOJ’s findings.

Rollins’ resignation violation of the Hatch Act isn’t the only instance in which a Biden appointed official has done so, as Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra was also found to have violated the Hatch Act when advocating for the election of a Democrat, while speaking in an official capacity. Despite his violation of the Hatch Act, Becerra seems as though he won’t be facing any ramifications for his inappropriate advocacy of a Democratic candidate. The main cause of concern is that there’s a presidential election in just over a year, and federally appointed officials are speaking out in a politically biased fashion. Whether or not these officials supporting a Democratic candidate makes any significant difference is irrelevant, as it’s concerning that they’d openly support a political party in general.

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