Biden Bribery Allegation Linked To Ukraine—In 2017

( — President Joe Biden’s controversial bribery allegations have apparently been known by authorities for years, with the first information related to a $5 million Ukraine bribery scheme being provided to the FBI back in 2017. House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer claims that the information came from a well-paid and reliable informant, during his investigation into the various allegations about Joe Biden’s involvement with foreign bribery. Comer is planning on holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of congress, for his refusal to provide the committee information that seemingly reveals that Biden was heavily involved in bribes and corruption that directly benefited his family. The bribe is alleged to have come from a top Ukrainian official, who sent Joe Biden millions during his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President. While the official in question’s name was redacted, according to Comer, it seems likely that they had something to do with Burisma. Burisma is an energy firm that hired Hunter Biden into a lucrative board and consulting job despite him having no relevant experience. Hunter Biden’s hiring has been at the forefront of bribery allegations pertaining to Joe Biden.

While the key details of the bribery probe seem somewhat clear, the investigation is still ongoing according to Comer. According to Comer the probe is incredibly complex, and there are even shell companies involved. Comer also confirmed that the FBI has acknowledged that the claims aren’t disproven, and there is an ongoing investigation.

Bill Barr recently commented on the criminal probe into the bribery allegations, which many Democrats have falsely claimed has been terminated. Barr clarified that the probe is still very much active, and that the potential legal consequences could still come to pass. Regardless of whether or not Biden will face criminal charges, it seems highly likely that the bribery allegations will be a hefty hurdle for him to overcome during his reelection bid. Biden will have to face criticisms of his policies, his declining health, and his suspicious ties to foreign nations during his attempt at securing his position as America’s chief executive for another four years.

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