Biden Campaign Manager Bails On MSNBC Interview

( — One of President Joe Biden’s campaign managers, Julie Chávez, canceled a scheduled MSNBC interview, likely to avoid questions about the developing criminal case against Biden’s son Hunter. Two people close to Chávez claim that she withdrew from the interview after David Weiss, Delaware’s United States Attorney, was raised to special counsel for the Hunter Biden case.

The developing case against Hunter Biden remains a massive scandal for the Biden Administration, as many feel President Biden’s son is receiving preferential treatment due to his father holding the office of chief executive. Despite the claims of favoritism, Biden’s criminal case is ongoing and becomes more complex with each new development. Hunter Biden will likely go on trial for his alleged tax crimes, in which is accused of purposefully failing to pay income tax. Both tax charges which will be prosecuted as misdemeanors.

Hunter Biden is also facing an unrelated gun charge for allegedly lying on paperwork to obtain a handgun, a federal offense punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. Chávez’s decision to skip an already scheduled public appearance echoes the White House’s current position about the various scandals: silence. The Biden Administration refuses to comment about Hunter Biden when reporters ask beyond stating that President Biden supports his son and knows nothing about his alleged illegal activities.

Hunter Biden almost avoided the pending felony gun charge in a pre-trial diversion agreement but could now face the felony case as prosecutors deny any such deal ever took place. The pending gun charge is the most significant, as it contradicts Hunter and President Biden’s opinions on gun control and would make Hunter Biden a convicted felon if found guilty. Hunter Biden allegedly lied about his status as an addict on paperwork to attain a handgun, which could result in him spending time in prison. Weiss confirmed the pretrial diversion is not in effect and that Hunter Biden may end up in a trial over his alleged crimes.

Following the collapse of the initial tax charge plea deal, one of Hunter Biden’s attorneys asked to withdraw from the case, raising concerns about Biden’s possible conviction if the case moves to trial. A tentative deal between Biden and prosecutors can happen, but for now, President Biden’s son could face time behind bars.

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