Biden Claims He Never Lied About Talking Business With Hunter

( — Following his discussion of various economic issues the United States is currently facing, President Joe Biden has reaffirmed that he never spoke with his son Hunter about his various business dealings in other countries. Biden was asked by Jacqui Heinrich from Fox News if he had lied about discussing business with Hunter Biden, and Biden replied with a simple “no.”

The President’s claim is puzzling, as it comes just days after communications between Hunter Biden and a foreign business associate were revealed from whistleblower testimony. The communications are vague but seem to indicate Hunter Biden demanding payment from his foreign associate, before threatening reprisal from Joe Biden should his conditions not be met. In the communications, Hunter Biden even states that he’s sitting next to Joe Biden while demanding the payments. The whistleblower testimony is damning and seemingly contradicts President Biden’s statements regarding his son’s business dealings.

Joe Biden isn’t the only top official who was implicated by the testimony, as Attorney General Merrick Garland was also brought up by name. According to the whistleblower statements Garland used his position at the Justice Department to interfere with Hunter Biden’s tax offenses, presumably in an effort to lessen the legal consequences for the President’s son. Garland has denied these allegations. The whistleblower in question, an IRS agent, has claimed that the IRS was even considering charges against Hunter Biden before Garland used his influence to stonewall further legal action.

Gary Shapley is the IRS supervisory agent who is alleging illicit interference from Garland and the Justice Department and has even claimed he was told to not pursue leads that could implicate Joe Biden in his son’s illegal behavior. Shapley’s testimony comes just days after Hunter Biden pled guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses, for which he will not have to serve jail time. Hunter Biden is still the subject of an ongoing federal investigation involving his illegal attaining of a handgun, in which he lied on paperwork to buy a pistol, a federal offense punishable by ten years in federal prison.

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