Biden Condemns Sudanese War, Removes American Embassy Officials

( — Northeast Africa has the attention of the world as internal factions in Sudan have plunged into a war, trapping civilians in imminent danger. The fighting is between military leaders who disagree over the direction of the country’s future.

There have been multiple coups to usurp power in the last five years, leading to the current fallout. Since the shooting began on April 15, 2023, hundreds of Sudanese people have died and thousands are wounded and injured. Of the roughly 16,000 Americans in Sudan, there has been one confirmed death.

President Biden condemned the internal war and authorized the evacuation of nearly 100 American personnel from the United States Embassy in Sudan. He has halted all projects within the country and extended his gratitude to military officials who successfully moved the Embassy staff to safer locations in Ethiopia.

Biden and other world leaders have called for a ceasefire in the conflict. They support the Sudanese people who would like to have a democracy, and they want safe pathways for humanitarian aid to be able to reach the war-torn country’s people. However, the military leaders pushing the war forward have not agreed to ceasefires, and the violence continues.

Numerous residential buildings are severely damaged and airports have been bombed. The capital city of Khartoum is under regular waves of deadly gunfire. For the remaining Americans in the country, the Biden Administration has promised to help them find safety.

Prior to their evacuation, Embassy officials put out a warning to American citizens regarding the deteriorating situation, stating it would not be advisable for the United States government to coordinate an effort on their behalf.

The Department of Defense (DOD) will inform Americans of exit routes for citizens who want to leave Sudan. DOD officials said they will use local intelligence and surveillance information to monitor safe paths and predict dangers, but they have no present plans to extract them from within Sudan.

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