Biden Corrects Record On Death Of Son Beau

( — President Joe Biden recently clarified some statements that he made regarding his son Beau, in relation to his eldest son’s untimely death back in 2015. Beau Biden died from brain cancer, but Biden has stated multiple times that his son lost his life while serving overseas in Iraq. During his memorial day speech Biden talked about his son Beau, and mentioned that his son died from brain cancer rather than overseas as he’s previously claimed. Whether or not Biden has been purposely lying about his son’s tragic passing, or if he’s been using Beau’s death as a way to embellish his family is uncertain, but Biden’s memorial day comments only muddy the waters further. Biden had claimed that Beau died in Iraq just 11 days prior, during his visit to Hiroshima for the G-7 Summit. Biden told various marines that his son died in Iraq, a statement that he has contradicted less than two weeks later.

Biden has made the false claim about his son Beau’s death for years now, and has even made the bizarre claim during highly publicized events. One such event was centered around the 2022 midterm election, and was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During his appearance Biden confused the war in Ukraine for the conflict in Iraq, and quickly claimed he got the two global conflicts mixed up because his son died in Iraq. Biden quickly moved on from the comment but many were confused as to why he’d make such a claim, given how Beau died at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a tragic event that was national news at the time. Biden has consistently talked about his son Beau and Iraq for years, but it appears as though his memorial day appearance is the first time Biden has cleared the air about how his eldest child actually passed away.

President Biden recently visited a memorial mass to mark the eighth year since Beau’s passing, before visiting his son’s grave. Beau Biden served in the Delaware Army National Guard, and was Delaware’s Attorney General when he passed away back in 2015.

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