Biden Creates New Office to Track Environmental Justice

( – The nation is hurdling toward its debt ceiling limit. Drugs, violence and a struggling economy continue to plague American families. The potential for war looms on the horizon of the world. And President Joe Biden is working on an executive order to create the Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ).

Biden has made it clear that he wants one of his greatest legacies to be within the green energy space. He has done everything he can to pull Americans from the oil and gas industries, favoring tax breaks for makers of electric vehicles and the batteries that power them. His energy policies have deepened the country’s reliance on rivals like China, but he continues to strive for green energy milestones.

The OEJ will charge federal entities with the task of studying climate change and the way it affects minorities and impoverished communities. He asserts that climate change causes greater problems for these members of society, and his goal is to ensure they have equal access to the benefits of environmental laws.

President Biden suggests the OEJ’s guidance will lead to cleaner water and air for everyone, including minorities and low-income families. He predicts less health problems, affordable housing, and green-energy methods of transportation, all thanks to the Office of Environmental Justice.

The creation of the OEJ comes with the provision of more funding for government projects that serve communities dealing with a greater portion of pollution than the average citizen. Biden refers to “environmental justice,” and he wants it front and center on agendas for all executive agencies.

To keep track of the OEJ’s efforts and outcomes, the Office of Management and Budget will publish an Environmental Justice Scorecard. The scorecard will chart the process of individual agencies and their rates of success in providing improved environments for the communities of concern.

Biden’s actions are largely in response to Democrats pushing the subject of inequality as it relates to climate change.

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