Biden Gets Tough On Guns & Taxes After Hunter Slips Free

( — President Joe Biden is being criticized by House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, for his tough stance on taxes and gun control, despite the leniency his son Hunter Biden received for criminal charges in both areas.

President Biden has reaffirmed his intention to hire thousands of additional agents for the Internal Revenue Service to crack down on people taking advantage of the United States tax code. Biden has also repeatedly claimed his intention to pass policies that would establish strict gun control and ban “assault weapons.” Biden has notably remained silent about his son’s legal issues regarding tax charges and an ongoing handgun charge, however, despite his son seemingly being the type of criminal Biden hopes to catch.

Hunter Biden recently pled guilty to multiple misdemeanor tax offenses, in a deal that removed the possibility of jail time for the younger Biden. Hunter Biden is also the focus of an ongoing investigation after he lied on paperwork to attain a handgun, a federal offense punishable by a decade in prison.

Hunter Biden purposely lied on paperwork to gain ownership of a handgun; he claimed falsely that he was not addicted to illicit drugs. This deception is illegal and carries a sentence of ten years in prison. Although the investigation into Hunter Biden’s firearm charge is ongoing, there will likely not be any criminal consequences beyond a fine or house arrest for the son of President Biden.

Hunter Biden’s criminal offenses are shocking to many due to his father’s staunch pro-gun control stance. President Biden has remained silent about his son’s pending firearm charge and instead has reaffirmed his intention to make legally attaining a rifle much more difficult for the average American citizen.

Hunter Biden wasn’t just the focus of tax charges or a firearm charge. He has also been at the center of numerous IRS probes that were shut down by members of the Justice Department, according to IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. Shapley claims that members of the IRS were encouraged to avoid investigating Biden and that Attorney General Merrick Garland uses his position as a top Biden official to prevent legal consequences for Hunter Biden.

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