Biden Hits the Beach While Country Stews in Chaos

( — President Joe Biden is facing backlash online for images that captured him taking a nap during his beach vacation, while several national scandals involving Biden are underway. In the images, Biden is asleep on the beach near his wife, Jill, during day 5 of their week-long beach vacation.

Biden told reporters he couldn’t complain about the weather, and the first couple returned to their $2 million private residence. Biden’s vacation comes during two national scandals, one of which involves his youngest son Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is making headlines due to his arranged plea agreement’s denial by the judge overseeing his criminal case, which many felt was extremely lenient due to his position as President Biden’s son.

Donald Trump’s legal case is also developing while Biden takes his vacation, as another indictment is unfolding against the former president while President Biden enjoyed his Delaware vacation. Biden is being criticized online for his constant vacationing, with the latest images adding even more scrutiny to the aging president’s time in office.

According to the Daily Mail, President Biden has spent almost half his time in office on vacation. Biden has reportedly spent 360 days, or forty percent of his term so far, away from the Oval Office on various vacations, spending many of those days in his private Delaware residence. Biden famously criticized Donald Trump for his decision to play golf while serving as the chief executive but has remained silent about his own vacationing habits. These surpass any other president in modern history. Biden’s frequent holidays draw criticism from his political opponents, who claim he’s using taxpayer money to fund his getaway while ignoring pressing issues like international relations or the weaponization of his political system.

Biden’s breaks are on track to set a new modern record for most days spent outside the Oval Office by a sitting president, an alarming statistic that voters aren’t comfortable with. Despite these concerns, Biden remains adamant that he’s running in next year’s hotly contested presidential election. Biden is currently 80, making him the oldest United States President to hold office in the nation’s history.

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