Biden Is Now Whining About Press Coverage Of His Failures

( — President Joe Biden recently started discussing the media coverage of the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations, complaining about how the press has “botched” their reporting about the complicated national debt issue. Biden is likely making this comment in an attempt to backtrack and discredit the current negative media attention he’s receiving, partially due to his staunch refusal to negotiate with Republicans to find a satisfactory conclusion. Biden has consistently met with various Republicans and failed to find a way forward, going so far as to declare himself blameless in the face of an economically devastating event. While there’s still time for Biden to reach a negotiation before the June 1st deadline, such an outcome seems unlikely, given the top Democrat’s constant refusal to work with congress for the benefit of the US economy. Biden is seemingly aware of how the media coverage of the debt negotiations will negatively affect his upcoming reelection campaign, and is claiming the media is failing to adequately cover the complex topic.

Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy have discussed the ongoing debt issue several times, both in person and over the phone, over the past few weeks. In fact, according to some sources a potential resolution could be near. Despite these claims such a compromise would only be effective for a few years, as neither side seems willing to meet in the middle for a sustainable solution. The potential deal would cap federal spending on a variety of issues, with military spending not being limited. This would be a key victory for the Republicans, and would hurt Biden’s current standing within his own party.

Biden has recently considered other methods of finding a solution that would free him from having to negotiate with Republicans, most notably using the 14th Amendment in a questionably legal manner. Thankfully it appears as though Biden won’t move forward with his proposed use of the 14th Amendment, meaning that the solution to the debt ceiling would be found in a compromise with Republicans. Biden seems reluctant to work with the Republican Party, as such a move would bring heavy criticism from progressives and will likely be a key detail that’s brought up during his election campaign in 2024.

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