Biden Launches Worldwide Plan to Combat Illegal Fentanyl Drug

( – Fentanyl has been a grave cause of concern in the United States for many years, playing a part in the deaths of celebrities like Tom Petty and Prince, and killing over 70,000 people in 2021. In the smallest doses, in the wrong hands, it can prove fatal in a matter of minutes.

Abuse of fentanyl is a growing problem in America. Most of the illegal supply is made in Mexico and shipped into the States by drug cartels. The Biden Administration has set forth a plan to combat the problem by decreasing the pathways of the drug onto American soil. It has increased tensions between Mexico and the United States, but the goal is to save American lives.

Biden will target supply chains transporting the illegal drug, requiring cooperation from countries all over the world in order to curb the drug trade. Biden will be enlisting the help of the United Nations to create action within countries whose government officials also want to target this growing problem. Canada has agreed to work with the United States to foster the birth of a coalition across the globe that will fight the trafficking of illegal Fentanyl. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed to being a leader in the fight to conquer the drug crisis.

The White House plans to track the issuing of machines called pill presses used to make the fentanyl pill, which is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. The plans include an increase in confiscation of large sums of cash at the Mexican border, and efforts to counteract money laundering within the financial markets. There will be attempts to block access to raw materials and production methods or technology used to make the drug, some of which come from China.

President Biden is asking Congress to list fentanyl as a Schedule I drug, meaning there is no medical use for it, and it could easily be abused.

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