Biden On The Beach Sparks Outrage

( — President Joe Biden is facing heavy criticism from Republican lawmakers after a video of Biden and his wife surfaced, showing the two enjoying a beach vacation while the conflict in the Middle East escalates. Press members captured footage of President Biden and his wife walking across Rehoboth Beach as Biden ignored reporters and failed to comment about the Israel-Hamas war and the potential escalation of the conflict.

According to the White House, Biden is working while spending time in Delaware and isn’t ignoring Israel’s request for support and the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. Many lawmakers find this defense unbelievable, as Biden regularly vacations to his home in Delaware and is caught spending time on the beach or meandering around his home. The White House reiterated its defense of Biden’s vacationing habits when Republicans began sharing the video on social media, claiming that presidents can work from anywhere in the country.

Republican officials aren’t the only ones blasting Biden for his decision to take a vacation while a hostage crisis unfolds in Gaza, as celebrity rapper 50 Cent commented on the viral footage of Biden at the beach, stating the United States is “in trouble.” According to the rapper, the conflict unfolding between Israel and Hamas requires heavy attention from the United States, but Biden seems content to ignore the conflict and spend time at the beach. 50 Cent’s comments echo a stance many politicians from both parties share: President Biden isn’t performing his duties as the chief executive and is using his position for his benefit. Following his comments on President Biden, 50 Cent received massive support from conservative audiences on social media.

Biden’s beach visit isn’t the first time the president has vacationed to Delaware’s beaches during a national crisis, as Biden is the first president to spend more than 30% of his time in office away from the White House. Of his first 1000 days in office, Biden spent more than 300 at his Delaware home. In one of his visits to the beach, Biden was captured sleeping in a tanning chair, prompting concerns that Biden didn’t care about the declining economy. While Biden’s staff claim the president is hard at work and actively invested in the Israel-Hamas war, the footage indicates President Biden is content to visit the beach while the United States faces a potential global conflict.

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