Biden Poll Shows Only 4 In 10 Democrats Think He’s A Strong Candidate

( — The Economist and YouGov conducted a poll surveying voters’ opinions on President Joe Biden’s strength as a candidate and the results are dismal. According to the poll, only forty percent of Democrats believe that Joe Biden is the best Democratic candidate for the 2024 election.

An additional twenty-five percent stated they were unsure about Biden’s strength as a candidate, with only thirty-six percent of the polled Democrats believing Biden was the best candidate for the heavily contested 2024 election. The poll is the latest evidence of Biden’s declining popularity, a trend that has grown in the past few weeks. Donald Trump even outperformed Biden in one particular poll, a reversal of polling results from earlier this year. Despite declining in popularity, Biden has remained confident that he’s the best Democratic candidate for next year’s election and has no intentions of letting another Democrat take his place.

Biden’s decline in popularity could be due to various policies enacted by the Biden administration or simply a response to his status as the oldest United States president. Biden has begun traveling to historically Republican states like South Carolina to tout his inflation reduction act, while also claiming the United States economy is doing well, a statement that Biden’s voters don’t believe according to a poll from the Associated Press. The poll indicates that only thirty-four percent of Biden’s voters approve of his handling of the economy, with sixty percent having no confidence in his policies.

Despite Biden’s attempt at regaining support, young voters aren’t supportive of the aging president, unlike in his 2020 campaign. According to John Della Volpe, a 2020 Biden campaign pollster, many voters under thirty aren’t willing to identify as Democrats anymore. This could potentially hurt Biden’s chances at securing re-election next year, as without the young demographic he could lag behind Trump’s surging popularity in all age groups. Although Biden is still the likely Democratic nominee for next year’s election, the Democratic Party might consider an alternate if his popularity doesn’t increase quickly.

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