Biden Pushes for More Unions as Nation Faces Crippling Strikes

( — President Joe Biden supports various union organizers and even invited multiple organizers to visit the White House. Biden expressed his support for unions in a recent Philadelphia speech, claiming that unions should be a part of America’s future.

The President’s union support could harm his campaign as multiple strikes in critical economic sectors are looming, which could lead to economic catastrophe should workers commit to a full-fledged strike. A strike could cause immense problems for the United States economy which is finally recovering to pre-pandemic numbers on employment and inflation.

Should a major strike materialize, Biden has to decide if his re-election campaign will focus on his liberal pro-union stance or his economic recovery platform. Despite this disparity, Biden remains adamant that he is the most pro-union president in United States history and will likely campaign on being pro-union moving forward.

Biden’s pro-union stance isn’t the only economic platform that will play a pivotal role in his presidential campaign, as various members of the Biden administration are currently on tour to proclaim the successes of Biden’s “Bidenomics” plan. Biden has visited various regions and states, including South Carolina, which voted against him in the 2020 election. Biden’s economic policy tour is likely to bolster his support following his decline in popularity, and in polls which indicate voters lack confidence in how he’s handled the economy. Biden’s popularity has been surpassed by Donald Trump, raising concerns from Democrats regarding Biden’s ability to defeat Trump for a second time.

Although Biden’s popularity declined over the past few weeks, his “Bidenomics” tour has slightly raised his approval rating. Despite this boost in support, Biden currently holds an approval rating of just thirty-seven percent, one of the lowest incumbent approval ratings in decades. Biden’s dropping approval rating concerns many Democrat Party officials, but Biden remains the most likely nominee for the Democrats moving forward. Although Biden’s economic recovery tour is helping boost the president’s image among moderate and independent voters, he still has an uphill battle to retain his spot as the chief executive.

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