Biden Repeatedly Denies Involvement In Family Corruption 

( — President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied his involvement in a corruption scandal that implicates his family, despite evidence to the contrary. Biden has denied any involvement with the business corruption scandal surrounding his son Hunter on numerous occasions, stating that he was not involved with any such corruption nine separate times.

The President has also repeatedly claimed that he has never discussed his son Hunter’s business dealings with him, which seems unlikely.

Despite Biden’s claims of innocence, evidence keeps coming to light that seems to suggest he was aware of corrupt activity by his son but did nothing to prevent it. One piece of evidence is an online conversation between Hunter Biden and a Chinese business associate, in which Hunter Biden can be seen threatening consequences if his terms weren’t met, before noting how his father was sitting right next to him. The alleged extortion attempt took place when Biden was still serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President, and involved multiple countries including China and Ukraine.

According to a whistleblower from the IRS, Gary Shapley, the Justice Department purposely influenced the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden on several occasions. Shapley alleges that Merrick Garland, Biden’s Attorney General, used his influence to prevent pending criminal consequences from materializing. Garland allegedly did this despite the IRS recommending additional charges against Hunter Biden, and even invited Hunter Biden to a dinner he was also attending. Garland’s alleged involvement has led to calls for his impeachment, which could happen in the near future depending on how the scandal develops.

Shapley has remained consistent in his allegations against the Biden family, noting that investigators from the IRS were not allowed to ask about the “big guy.” The big guy is likely Joe Biden, as Hunter Biden has famously used the phrase in reference to his father in numerous instances. Whether or not the ongoing investigation into the Biden family will definitely prove any illegal actions seems uncertain, but Joe Biden will likely be facing accusations of corruption during his next presidential election in 2024.

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