Biden Repeats Lie About Son’s Death

( — President Joe Biden has been caught yet again lying about his son’s tragic death, presumably in an attempt to be more relatable to many US citizens who lost family members during their time in active combat zones. Biden claims that his oldest son, Beau, died in Iraq. In truth, Biden’s oldest son died from brain cancer at National Military Medical Center, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Biden’s claims are concerning, as it’s not the first time Biden has incorrectly claimed his son lost his life during his military service. Biden has made this same claim on three separate questions, and has refused to clarify them when asked by members of the press. The lie was told to a group of Marines at a bus stop in Japan, following Biden’s attendance of the G-7 Summit in Hiroshima. During the Summit Biden had multiple gaffes, including calling other world leaders by the wrong names repeatedly and using the wrong titles when referring to them.

Biden has made the claim that his son died overseas in multiple public appearances, including a speech he gave in Florida. He claimed that he was thinking about his son Beau when he mistook the Ukrainian conflict for the war in Iraq, seemingly using his son’s tragic demise as an excuse for his failing mental facilities. Regardless of this “mistake,” Democratic Party members and members of the press seem keen to ignore the blatant signs of Biden’s deteriorating mental health. Misremembering his son’s death isn’t the only time that Biden has publicly embarrassed himself by exposing his memory problems. One such example is when he seemingly forgot a US Representative had died, and asked her to identify herself in the crowd he was speaking to.

The Representative in question was Indiana Representative Jackie Walorski, who lost her life tragically in a car crash just last year. Weeks after her untimely demise Biden asked Jackie to stand up and point herself out. Whether or not Biden actually knows the cause of his son’s death, the clearly false claim that Beau died in combat overseas raises concerns as to whether or not Joe Biden can handle another term in office. Regardless of these concerns, Biden is adamant that he will run for office again in 2024.

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