Biden Says He’ll Meet Meet With Xi Jinping Following Controversy

( — President Joe Biden has stated that he expects to meet with China’s President Xi Jinping, after he made controversial remarks about the Chinese executive. Biden compared Xi Jinping to a “dictator” during a press conference, drawing the ire of Chinese officials who called the remarks “absurd.”

Biden’s comments came just days after Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State, visited top Chinese officials for the first high level-executive visit in the country in five years. Biden was discussing the now infamous spy balloon incident from earlier this year, in which suspected Chinese surveillance balloons were spotted and eventually shot down. Biden has since stated he doesn’t feel his words will have “any consequences,” but Chinese officials seem to still be somewhat frustrated with the comparison.

China is still calling for Biden to make amends for his remarks about Xi Jinping, with one Chinese embassy calling for the White House to acknowledge the remarks and act immediately to undo any negative consequences Biden’s comments may cause. While Biden’s comments were discussed by both parties, it doesn’t seem that either country will stop communicating in an effort to stabilize foreign relations.

While the United States and China have been making efforts to ease the tensions between the two countries, the topic of Taiwan is still a source of international pressure. Antony Blinken recently came under fire over comments he made regarding Taiwan, which contradicts an earlier stance of the administration.

Blinken said plainly that the United States “doesn’t support Taiwan independence,” which drew criticism from Republicans and comparisons to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Blinken’s comments confused many, as Biden had stated that the United States would support Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

Despite his earlier promises it seems Biden’s White House has changed its stance, likely in an effort to ease tensions with China. Many Republicans have accused Biden of letting China dictate the United States’ foreign policy, and Biden will likely have to defend his shift in stance during next year’s presidential election.

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