Biden Snaps At Reporter For Asking About Bribery

( — A reporter recently questioned President Joe Biden about the allegations of bribery he’s been faced with, which elicited a hostile response from Biden.

When asked why he was referred to as “the big guy” by Ukraine and an FBI informant, Biden responded with “why do you ask such a dumb question?” Biden’s been facing an increased level of public scrutiny recently due to an ongoing investigation by the House Oversight Committee. While the details surrounding alleged bribery are still unclear, it would seem as though the FBI has information from a reliable source that Biden was involved in some illicit payment scheme.

The alleged scheme involves Ukrainian Natural Gas firm Burisma, a company that employed Biden’s son Hunter in the past. While the House Oversight Committee is still investigating the allegations, criminal repercussions seem highly unlikely. The bribery scheme is alleged to have occurred when Biden was serving as the Vice President to Barack Obama, with the FBI receiving its first tips about the bribes back in 2017.

Biden has talked about the allegations recently, even chuckling when asked about the scandal in the past. While the Department of Justice (DOJ) has remained silent about whether they’ll pursue legal action, such an outcome is unlikely to occur. The apparent lack of interest from the FBI has drawn the ire of many citizens, especially as Donald Trump was just hit with a federal indictment that many believe is politically motivated.

Trump was indicted for mishandling classified information, and could be facing up to 400 years in prison if found guilty. Many citizens are especially frustrated as other top officials, like Mike Pence and Joe Biden, have also been caught mishandling classified information. Despite not being the only one to possess classified info after his time in office, Donald Trump will likely be the only one who is indicted for such an offense. Trump has remained defiant in the face of legal consequences, and has confirmed he will still run in next year’s election even if he is found guilty.

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