Biden Team Strategically Placing Kamala To Boost Likeability

( — It seems as though the White House has been strategically placing Kamala Harris in highly public events, so as to boost her likeability ahead of the looming 2024 election season. Harris has been seen standing alongside President Joe Biden in various important public photo ops, including a picture which showed Biden and Speaker of the House McCarthy following their resolution with the ongoing debt limit negotiations. Harris was seen between the two top party officials, putting her at the forefront of the photo and in the center. Anita Dunn, who works closely with the Biden Administration, is apparently responsible for scheduling various public events for Harris to appear in. These events are centered around abortion and infrastructure spending, two areas that Biden’s upcoming bid for re-election will likely heavily focus on. It would appear that the Democratic Party are attempting to change Harris’ lackluster perception that has followed her during her time as Biden’s Vice President, perhaps because she’ll become a more prominent member of the party moving forward.

Kamala Harris is no stranger to public criticism, especially given her reliance on identity politics instead of genuine policy. Harris has no shortage of defenders, including members of the left leaning show The View. While some of the hosts on The View defended Harris, others mentioned that she needed to fix her repetitive speaking and claimed it was due to her experience as a lawyer. Harris has often used repetitive diction and laughter in her many public appearances, sparking criticisms that the Vice President came off as disingenuous.

One example of Harris’ bizarre style of speaking was on full display during her speech at an event that commemorated Women’s History Month. Harris spoke about historic women, and claimed that they were women who “made history throughout history.” The strange phrase is just one brief moment of Harris’ famous gaffs, not dissimilar to the various gaffs from Biden that have been widely publicized during his time in office. It’s mistakes and phrases like this that seem to be the cause of the White House’s attempt at rebranding Harris, by having her at the center of various events. Whether or not these attempts at changing how Harris is perceived will work isn’t clear, but what is clear is that Harris will likely take a more active role in the upcoming 2024 election efforts.

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