Biden’s Approval Rating Falls Again

( – President Biden’s approval rating is falling, heading toward a possible all time low. The nation’s economy is losing ground and crime rates are surging. Americans are looking to the Biden Administration for responsibility.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows a 39 percent approval rating for the 46th President. Most poll participants reported the failing economy as their number one concern. Others are unhappy with the general environment in the country. The rise in crime in recent days has settled a sense of danger, affecting the way people feel about their leadership.

At 39 percent, the President’s approval rating is down by three points just since March of 2023. It was at its lowest–36 percent–halfway through 2022 when gas prices peaked.

Despite low numbers, Biden has indicated he will run for reelection in 2024, although he has not made it official. Elected to office at 78-years-old, he is already the oldest person to become President. Now he is 80-years-old and staring at the beginning of a reelection campaign.

With green energy policies that foster a growing dependence on the nation’s adversaries, including Communist China, Biden is forcing America to rely on other countries. He has attacked the oil and gas industries with attempts to eliminate gas-powered vehicles. He has given tax credits to green energy giants with democratic political ties, as well as consumers who purchase electric vehicles.

Biden was unsuccessful in brokering peace in the Middle East, so fighting factions have turned to Chinese officials for guidance and moderated talks.

And while Biden was busy pushing green energy, China managed to develop a presence in Central and South America, rebuilding post-covid economies and designing infrastructure for development.

Showing significant trouble remembering dates and figures, Biden’s mental health has been another subject of uncertainty as to his fitness for office. Videos have circulated the internet showing minor but frequent falls and missteps, indicating his physical coordination may be slipping as well.

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