Biden’s Claim of Being at Ground Zero Day After 9/11 Lacks Supporting Evidence

( — President Joe Biden is facing scrutiny for claiming to be in New York City the day after the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, despite records indicating he was actually in Washington, D.C., the day after the tragedy. Biden wasn’t just in Washington; he went to the Senate and gave a speech to other representatives the day after the attack.

This means the public record definitively proves Biden lied about his presence in New York, or he simply forgot where he was the day after a defining moment in recent history. Biden’s claim was instantly disproven by journalists, marking the latest instance of Biden being incorrect or dishonest about his past when speaking to American voters.

Biden’s other fanciful claims include his former career as a professor, truck driver, and marching with Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. Democrats quickly point out when conservative or independent officials misrepresent their pasts. However, they remained notably silent when Biden misled the public about his whereabouts during important moments in American history. Biden doesn’t just misremember his past but the pasts of his family members, too.

Biden makes fanciful claims so often that other publications like the New York Post dedicate entire articles to cataloging the numerous falsehoods that he asserts, including his odd claims of his son Beau dying overseas in combat, when his son died of brain cancer in Bethesda, Maryland. Although Biden frequently makes claims like these, the American public is quickly catching on to his propensity for misrepresenting himself in a favorable light.

Citizens promptly took to social media to point out Biden’s actual whereabouts on the day following September 11 and how he wasn’t at Ground Zero like he claimed. Biden isn’t acknowledging his actual whereabouts but will likely address the validity of his false claim in the coming weeks. After his claims are disproven by his political opponents or online audiences, Biden typically claims he simply forgot or misremembered, although some believe his statements are an intentional effort to appear more favorably to the public. Despite the heavy criticism for his Ground Zero claim, Biden will likely continue to make fanciful claims regarding significant historical moments.

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